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Hector's Story

Once upon

a time there was a little dragon called Hector. He lived on the island of Trélion, home of the blue dragons, and there he dreamt of discovering the world and everything in it. The stories told by his grandmother aroused such a desire in him that the little dragon decided to leave his island in hiding and start an


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Incredible experience

Wonderful pizzeria!!! Note a thousand!!! We stayed in the wing of the Emerald Order... We love... Wonderful team... Attentive!! Super polite and lively... My nieces and I were delighted with the decoration of the place, the quality of the food and the empathy of all the employees... thank you very much for the moment... we closed our visit to Gramado with a golden key!!! We will definitely return at the next opportunity.

Marcia Leite, São Paulo
Novembro de 2020
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MAGICAL experience!

Wonderful experience, fantastic service. Excellent food, very prepared and friendly staff. Worth every penny, 100% recommended!

Gabriel, Gramado
Julho de 2021
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